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Welcome to /ub/ - Überhengst
German for "over stallion," and a reference to Nietzsche's "Übermensch," /üb/ - Überhengst is about bettering yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is about self-improvement, constructive self-reflection, and seeking advice from others. You may discuss here those personal hobbies through which you develop your creative energies, and the efforts you take to improve your talents, artistic and otherwise. And of course, this is a board for fitness and literature, as they are parts of the backbone of physical and mental wellness. This is also a board where we may discuss Western culture - history, literature, architecture, and philosophy - as when imbibed, culture improves the mind and spirit, sharpening mental faculties, and providing a greater connection to those around you and to civilizations millennia old.

As this is a self-improvement board, discussions of personal problems should be constructive. No wallowing in self-pity. We are here to become better, and while seeking company in misery may be a helpful part of the process, the process does not end there.


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Should I get therapy?
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Is therapy just a joke, or is it worth getting? Who should I do therapy with? Can I trust my entire life's story with anyone who's not on this site?
Maybe if I tell you my life's story, you can give me life advice.

I was raised by abusive lefty parents who hated their smart white son and often tried to push me towards trannyism. Never fell for it.
First I was sent to a shit primary school. A few kids bullied me there and teachers punished me whenever I fought back. I was a fat angry kid who could punch hard when pushed, and they liked attacking me and then running away. But when we fought properly I'd kick their asses. One time I kicked their asses hard enough to make them stop bothering me.
When I graduated from this school I was sent to the special school of a catholic school, and made the personal property of one old bitch there who hated autistic kids. Around that era I got interested in Game Maker and pokemon romhacking but that interest never amounted to anything, though I did have a USB full of GBA roms and romhacking tools and the fact that I was able to code at such a young age when not all kids were learning that should have shown somebody that I had more to offer the world than shitty schools thought I should.
Thanks to that school, my schedule looked like this: Enter a side building, wait for the day to end, sometimes get insulted by the teachers if they felt like abusing me, usually get to eat lunch at lunchtime but sometimes they wouldn't let me (and it didn't matter whether I brought a packed lunch to school or brought money for the school cafeteria) and eventually go home to a house with parents that, when told the right words by my boomer bullies, would freak out and abuse me at home too. Rarely I'd get to join in a classroom... but class clowns would act up until I'd get blamed for it and sent out.
If I had a tape recorder or decent phone, I could have gathered evidence of the shit said/done to me (audio files of verbal abuse, pics of bruises, etc) and posted it online. But I was never allowed anything like that, because my parents feared I might use it on them. One day at school the art teacher bumped me with her car while backing up into a crowd of kids, I was fine but pissed off and the art teacher shrieked and blame-slinged feministically at me until I lost my patience and started barking back, then she put me in front of the headmaster and I told him about the abusive staff members and called him terrible at his job, so he kicked me out.
Then I was sent to a worthless "speshul" school where a few teachers abused me and the students usually watched in confusion when they weren't joining in. Whenever I trusted an adult enough to tell him or her what happened at home, that adult decided to call child protective services, who sent the same fucking boomer woman over to warn my parents that I was talking about what went on at home again. I couldn't get away from my family until I became the problem of Adult Protective Services, where the slightly less retarded and lazy people go.
A woman my age at the autistics-only youth club I attended got mad at me over retarded internet roleplaying nonsense-drama that didn't even involve me, and she lied about me to the cops and accused me of abusing her, even went to some clinic to fake signs of a concussion she didn't have because she's a spoilt bitch who knows how to play her rich parents like fiddles, she was a low-functioning sociopath woman with histrionic personality disorder and every retarded boomer's sympathy. She lied and got away with it, because the cops weren't interested in this case after she cartoonishly fucked up and started gloating about physically assaulting me without realizing it hurt her case. But even though I said to the managers of the youth club and the friends I knew there "If what she said about me was true I'd be in jail so you know she's lying" they couldn't believe me because they were dumb. There was one weird creepy fucker I used to talk to online because his "woe is me, asian school life is sooo hard" shit kind of reminded me of me at the time, but he got severe TDS and stopped being a person once he stopped viewing me as a person so I'm glad I didn't tell him anything sensitive or identifiable that could fuck me over later in life.
Anyway when I went to college, I was lied to and exploited by the staff until I dropped out. They even tricked me into taking a worthless course that turned out to be the dump where they dump the autistic kids and give them a useless fake newspaper to write. I wish I dropped out sooner, trying to live on barely fucking anything is hard enough when your mom took govt money meant for you, but it's harder when you're forced to spend most of your cash on train rides between your college and shitty home every two weeks and all your cunt government can offer is a discount pass. Now that I'm living alone, I've got a free bus pass I can barely use. Government priorities, am I right?

I am an autistic man, I'm 24 years old, I'll be 25 next year, and I've spent so much of my life as property of someone else that I find it hard to notice when I'm hungry or tired and remember that I should eat or sleep without someone or a phone alarm telling me to. I shower every night before bed but sometimes I miss meals, it's what helped me go from obese fatty to only-slightly-overweight. I don't think I know what it feels like to be loved by someone else. Learning makes me happy and I love documentaries but when I tried an online free learning site it reminded me of school and I couldn't do it. Sometimes I talk to people and act charming like those "Charisma on command" youtube vids told me so they'll like me, but I've never given anyone my full backstory before. The only woman in my life I ever kissed was that bitch who falsely accused me and got away with it. I want to say I have no interest in modern women but I still feel the urge to wank to them. But I don't wank any more because of nofap.
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r9kek resistance.jpg
>Shepherds Pie is amazing!
Nice to get some feedback on a dish I recommended, really I didn't half expect you to do it, thanks for going ahead and trying it though.
>And surprisingly simple to cook.
Sometimes simplicity is more satisfying rather than going all out, you don't have to break a leg to please yourself.
There are lots of foods to indulge in, the world is your oyster to try whatever suits your palate pleasantly.
>I wish my fucktarded boomer parents knew how to cook and cared enough to try.
So many kids have become accustomed to the laziness of sloth style fake food, some families rarely know the treat of meals made with love and it's disheartening, like Léon Degrelle said, the family structure is being torn apart.
>Maybe I'd be healthier now if I got to eat something besides noodles and microwaved random crap growing up.
I remember trying those microwaved lasagnas and hating it, the taste is like plastic with a mix of horsemeat.
>I'm still healthy now though.
That's alright, you can still fix yourself through appropriate care and appreciation of your success.
>I don't even miss sugary shite any more.
Empty sugars are really pointless other than to aid in making you obese.
>I told some friends I cherished them and one guy asked if I was alright.
People are prone to be sympathetic to another's discomfort, they will feel sorry for the soul that had it's childhood corrupted.
>I think I'm making good progress towards being fine, and I can't wait to see how it feels.
Good luck with that, there is one thing I will warn you against and that is don't exceed your mental or physical limits, you are bound to be disappointed if you put too much trust in the future.
>Eventually people reveal their tragic backstories and it sounds like everyone on the planet had at least one shit boomer parent.
There are people who meet someone who have enough similarities in conjunction with one another that leads to attraction which may prove to work out or not, the dating culture should cease to exist due to it's inadequacy at creating children, the way natural attractivity works does not base from that of complete and utter opposites, the incompatibility of men or women who have nothing in accordance within interests has proven to be ineffective at providing long term relationships. I would get better on with a crazy horse girl that matched my insanity than some typical bimbo bitch.
>Some were just annoying cunts and some were really dumb, selfish, oblivious, and immature.
There are certain people who were born to be dicks and assholes.
>Does anyone alive have fond memories of their parents? Someone probably does, somewhere. But I don't think I know anyone who does.
Yes there are good times, as well as bad, I've had good and bad times with my parents.
>Shit movies made by Hollywood Jews.
They are poison to the brain and should be taken as jokes, There are good and bad movies which Jews almost always have made to be objectively terrible at what flicks should strive for, the ordinary shows are garbage and are not that of the quality from the past, the modernity of television favors quantity over quality while having the ability of 'copyrighting' whatever they desire.
>And for some kid out there, that probably is normal.
Kids are innocent to the mercy of those older than them, they have no choice to do what they really want to.
>This planet's so fucked up.
Yes, it is. We are truly living in an era of chaos.
>Not everything needs to be a fucking reference.
They should keep more to themselves and encourage creativity more within the multitude of arts.
>But sometimes I think of those characters who come from a destroyed future and are willing to die to prevent that future, even if changing the future for the better means they fade away like an old memory.
Men have become weak, the modern man does not bask in glory beyond that he achieves within a game nor do they engage in any worthwhile challenges to their very being, a man should take risks to do what they desire than wasting away in these modern caves. The boys are being castrated and feminized to be faggots by outside influences beyond their understanding, these normal lives are all meaningless and boring when there are no sacrifices to be made. No one really wants to have something to die for anymore and these mundane lives do not make a man mighty.
>I'm glad my life so far wasn't worse than it was, and I'm glad I woke up to justice in time. Real justice, not those jew lies.
You definitely made the right choice, at least you have some degree of wisdom.
>I think improving myself and my life makes me feel happy. I'm not sure, but I think this is what happiness feels like.
It's always a pleasure to learn and experience new things every once in while, as long as it's worth doing.
>Eventually people reveal their tragic backstories and it sounds like everyone on the planet had at least one shit boomer parent.
Well stories about good parents is fewer, and the normal and good times seem to be buried. It's personal and to some degree feels like bragging.
Well my grandparents those who were alive had their moments with their children, my parents ect., that qualified for that sometimes. As the grandchild it was different as the good kid, they were nice and caring if different motives.
Frankly my parents are awesome considering everything. Sure there are moments when I disagree or looking back would have adjusted things, but as people they are decent. Wouldn't trade them for anything. They aren't perfect but I love them all the same, and the feeling is mutual.
It's a miracle considering some of the wacky shit that happened with them and around them and their siblings. It makes a person thankful for what they have, and the hardships others went through.

I love you guys. I really do. Those jew bastards are warring with us constantly and you'd think we'd all talk like perpetually-scowling angry people since that's how the TV usually depicts war vets when it isn't playing the shell-shocked ones for sympathy/tragedy. But here we are, and here there is real positivity. Here there is good advice from wise masculine men. This genuine culture focused on self-improvement is good for the soul. It warms my heart to know our souls are not dead.

Watched a painfully generic action movie online with friends today but I forgot its name. The film was full of gay jew shit and I took a piss break halfway through, but I'm proud of myself for hiding my power level yet swiftly and unobtrusively using one-liners and "Is she seriously...?" questions to help others notice and laugh at the most obvious and simplest-to-understand parts of propaganda.
One girl whined "They fridged her!" when a woman died in the film.
I asked her "Was it fridging when the hero's parents died in every kid's movie ever? Was John Wick's dog fridged?"
That shut her up but I don't know if it made her think or not. If a movie wasn't on she'd probably bitch loudly for a while without really saying anything.
They insist "Fridge-ing" is when a female character is killed off for the plot or for a male character's motivation. They insist depicting the killing/harming of women is responsible for real women being harmed, because they need something to blame for what's caused by the way they import rapefugees who love to rape poor women and steal/traffic daughters and randomly attack whites who are sometimes women. They also insist Frigde-ing is only fine when feminist writers do it, because it's just a power-grab. They want to spread lies and censor artists and feel like they have the power to "Sanitize fiction" and mold it to their shitty mary-sue-loving power-tripping standards. "Oy vey, a real stronk womyn can never struggle or die, don't you know? Oy vey, won't someone please forget about the men starving on the streets outside our windows and think of the fictional women?"
Feminists love pointing at fiction made by feminist jews as evidence that the world's anti woman. Because if films show Jason Vorehes and Nightmare Clawhands (bad guys) killing men and women and fans/critics cry for the women while the men they kill rarely if ever get mentioned by fans or critics, then surely it means society's normalized violence against women riiight?
It's just normal for a film to kill characters off, especially once they've outlived their usefulness. It's normal for characters to die in service of the plot or another character's motivation. It was good writing when The Empire killed Luke Skywalker's parents and burned his farm down. Made him extra-motivated and removed his ability to back out of saving the galaxy.
Sometimes a baddie will kidnap/kill an adult male character's girlfriend/wife to piss him off but that's because doing the same to the male character's ageing parents or pet puppy or box of old collector's item dolls just wouldn't have the same impact. Films have killed men to shock/motivate women, killed kids to shock/motivate parents, and killed parents to shock/motivate children. Was it fridge-ing when the Shark from Jaws ate all those people or Darth Vader blew up a planet to shock the audience and motivate the heroes to stop the baddies? When nameless masses fled from disasters or perished in them, was that "fridge-ing"?
If you only watch films with gay characters and only the horror movies where everyone but one character dies so therefore the gays probably die you're obviously a faggot desperate to have something to complain about.
And don't get me started on how many animes give the hero dead or missing parents. Or how many times, in anything ever, the master teacher guy dies!
Someone with more free time than me could probably go through a bunch of movies and animes and compare the number of dead parents and dead husbands and dead teachers and dead kids and dead pets to dead wives/girlfriends. But it wouldn't change the mind of a feminist. At bet you can get them to shut up for a while, but they'll always be weaponized karens until society turns against this behaviour and stops elevating women above men so hard that some men actually end up wanting to be stepped on and treated like shit by women.

I thought about making a thread where we post movie names and then discuss if they're jewish pozzed propaganda or not and why. But for everyone to discuss those jew films we would need to see them. Watching all those propaganda films might fuck someone's head up. Though taking the piss out of them could be fun.
A normie friend said he hates the new Star Trek and misses the old Star Treks, which he watched as a kid. So I thought about Star Trek, I heard it turned many into "Futurist" libtards convinced the future will let them be as cool as Kirk and Picard combined times four in a universe of flying cars and friendly aliens and Replicators that give you everything for free and no money or jobs. Going through that show episode by episode together and talking about why this episode was dumb wrong gay jewish propaganda, or written so bad it was accidentally anti-black instead of pro-black, or childish commie bullshit could be fun and interesting.
>I love you guys.
No homo, right?
>I really do.
Whatever, I love you too, you massive faggot.
I get what you're on about, I agree with why you don't like the Jews and their movies or the gullible women who love those shit shows made by kikes, I agree with you on all that bullshit too. Why do I agree with you? Because you give a reason with an answer to why it's wrong.
I want to let you know that you are welcome to write about whatever you want to, you are not doing anything wrong by complaining about walking vaginas saying some stupid shit, I don't really have much to write about movies and anime, nor do I really give a shit about star wars or star trek, I like being here with you, I'm not too interested about what you are into but that is my preference, you are free to write what pleases you and I won't complain too much, unless you write something dumb or I get flustered over ponies, we don't have much to complain about and I'm glad you like it here with me, you don't really know me but I think we have a lot in common, except you're a bigger faggot.
I'm not a fan of thriving from conflict or being argumentative, I'm here to have fun and be a dickhead sometimes, we can be friends while we're here together, so long as we both respect one another I think we'll get along fine. there isn't a whole lot that I have against you so it's cool but time will tell what will happen.
My ID changed.

Cook your food
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One problem plaguing a lot of people these days, especially burgers like myself, is that many people eat out at restaurants too much instead of preparing home cooked meals. Eating out is frequently both more expensive and less healthy for you than a home cooked meal. Furthermore, many people live with a limited library of meals that they know how to prepare and don't realize the culinary possibilities that are right in front of them.

The purpose of this thread is to try to break that habit of eating out and to make cooking at home become the norm in our lives. Please share meal ideas and how to prepare them here. All meals are welcome, although preferably we should post meals that are easy to prepare so that novice cooks will not be intimidated by the prospect of preparing them for themselves. Even simple sandwiches are fair game. Sometimes that may mean cutting corners with pre-made mixes instead of preparing everything from scratch.

Remember that the goal isn't necessarily to post the most inexpensive meals or the healthiest meals, although those meals are certainly very welcome. The goal is to encourage people to dust off their kitchen appliances and flex their atrophied cooking muscles. I realize that this opens the door to culinary nightmares like /tg/'s infamous meat-bread, but so be it. Let's get cooking!
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Ahem. I decided tonight that it was time. So let's get into it.
>pics related

Now, if you havent tried cedar plank grilling, I highly recommend it; it's like having a smoker except on easy mode. Gives food a kice smokey flavor. Just,... make sure it doesnt catch fire.

But anyway! The experiment was a complete success. The brats were prepared as usual up until cooling. Then were stuffed with a combination of fine grated gouda, finely diced blue cheese crumble, and extra sharp white cheddar. The salmon and asparagus bacon wraps were not an experiment, as I was trying to duplicate a previous result.
Bacon wrap worked (dont hesitate to use toothpics) on the brats, cedar plank worked on the brats, I'm rating this a 100% success! Keep playing with your food!
Not gonna go off the rails, just offering a bit of advice. If a store is selling "pork tenderloin" and it's 2lbs or more, expect it to be two loins and plan for it.
Also, not thrilled by pork wellington, and exceedingly skeptical of beef wellington now
What meals are good for preparing in bulk?
Chicken thighs, potatoes, vegetables, and salads.
Prepared 3 chicken meals today. They turned out good. Can't wait to eat them.

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ITT we share wisdoms that we have gleaned through our own experiences with our fellow Anons, that they might live a better life. I'll start:

NEVER ask a question unless you are %100 that you want to know the answer. Whatever happens, you literally asked for it, so you better be damn sure you really wanted to know. Remember this and it will help you with friends, family, lovers, and even children. Live your life by it.
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File (hide): 05A3B73D7811E65BB3B17A2F957E4DEA-45595990.m4v (43.5 MB, Resolution:426x240 Length:00:16:47, Heavy Equipment Will Improve Your Life240p.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Heavy Equipment Will Improve Your Life240p.mp4
A good tool in the right place saves lives. Work smart, and work hard.
Sometimes you just have to have the right chooch to get the dingle dangling dandy.
Use the investments wisely.
Very interesting. I learnt something.
luna not want.jpg
Humans are exactly like magnets, whatever emotion you are putting out you will always bring it back in, act positive and good things will happen to you, act negative and bad things will happen, as above so below, karma exists but it exists within yourself so you cannot see it clearly without self exploration.
If you are being shit talked to do not escalate things faster than the pace it is currently going at, a fight can be prevented if you are in control of your emotions so master your spirit and you will become a true warrior, a good samurai doesn't let his emotions guide him but instead leads his own ego.
Magic exists and there is nothing you can do to get it out of your life, demons are attracted to negativity and fear thus they thrive from it, do not give them your emotions unless you want to give your life away, same can be said about evil people, they thrive from (You) and feed from (You) so do not give them any more than 3 chances, if they show themselves to be filled with hate and are deceiving then drop them immediately, do not pity he who cannot control himself for they are unpredictable and unwise.
It is possible to completely change your personality by focusing your thoughts, don't forget that if you want a change of heart only you can make the change, you are your own god so do not take this lightly because it is your own choice if you wish to be a devil or angel.
Most men do not understand themselves due to ignorance, explore yourself and break the boundary's you set for yourself by doing what you once deemed impossible for you to do, go out of the box and only then will you find true treasure, it is all waiting for you specifically before it can be unlocked, there is lots of ways to learn yourself through many methods of meditation, just spend a portion of your day to look at what path you are currently taking, don't walk blindly into something that does not suit yourself for it will only bring back badness from the choosing of a wrong decision, learn from your mistakes so that you can become better, don't forget your thoughts or what you have done in the past lest it repeat itself in the future.
Do not trust immediately, let time take it's course and wait for consecutive feedback to indicate if someone is trustworthy or not, if all signs are green to go then take that person and don't let them go if you are absolutely sure that they are for you.
Forget everything that everyone told you and learn yourself, do not let other people tell you who you should be and call you names along with other false titles, make sure that you are not to be messed with unless they want no mercy, if someone is to truly threaten you then use everything in your power to outdo them in their plans to disrupt yours.
Learn what you can because true knowledge is not taught openly, do research and base your own thoughts, feelings and judgement's from personal experience, do not let other people's bad experiences guide you away from potential good ones, do not let other people influence your own domain of thoughts and feelings.
Peace brings war and war brings peace, there is always periods of peace and wages of war, you cannot fully get away from the bad things in the world as they will always follow you and there is nothing you can do to stop it, so do not fear it but embrace it instead as it is a natural part of life along with death.
Do not worry about worry's as that leads into a mirror pit that constantly reflects negativity back and forth which will eventually lead to you climbing out of the pit or rotting in it, worry about your current tasks and do not be led astray from your present goal as if you are constantly being distracted then your chores will never be finished, complain all day and war will follow, be angry all day and death will follow, eat all day and famine will follow, sloth all day then pestilence will come and so on so forth.
Make sure you can distinguish between false and true, do not falsely follow comfortable lies as your life will never know truth if you choose the path of the blind, take your blindfolds off and gaze at the world from an outsider's perspective, you are only part of the program because you have been told that you are, your chains are only self imposed from the word of others and are easily breakable with the right key as long as you know which key it is.
Everything ties into one and the world is a big mirror constantly reflecting in a kaleidoscopic fashion that never fades, learn the fruits of our forests and harvest them, do not let hidden gold go to waste when things are waiting just for you to come collect them, food exists to be eaten, we exist to live and die as that is why we are here.
Star signs are accurate, did those astrologists over 2000 years ago know nothing of the stars when they spent their whole life's studying the stars? Everything has a meaning and learn each meaning if you wish to achieve greatness, the zodiac signs are already learned so that we may know them but no one looks to what isn't a lie anymore.
Act manly and make yourself a man, do not let feminine attitudes role you if you call yourself a man, so do not let weak emotions take you without your want, only a woman is raped by her own emotions, do not become a sissy faggot who only looks to his feelings for guidance who then is doomed to forever fail in all his goals.
Become a man by finding out what a man truly is, did Adam not bite the apple of sin? He did it as a sign of how man is forever tied to his own emotions, emotions create sin and unless you can control them you will forever be chained to desire, emotions are inherently feminine, they serve no meaning other than to please the primitive brain that we were given, break your ego and you will free yourself, break the mental chains withholding you from yourself and flourish like a fountain, only you can decide your own fate.
Will you be a pussy and let false feelings dominate you? Or will you take the reigns and guide yourself instead?
File (hide): 5019FFF47E61113B427F339018B69DA0-7086353.mp4 (6.8 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:05:14, Miyamoto Musashi Quotes - Dokkodo - The Path of Aloneness.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Miyamoto Musashi Quotes - Dokkodo - The Path of Aloneness.mp4
Miyamoto Musashi Quotes
Dokkodo - The Path of Aloneness


File (hide): 8B09105C9996036CEE2FB9C1C6D40662-2435123.webm (2.3 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:15, extreme business.webm) [play once] [loop]
extreme business.webm
How to Be Rich (J. Paul Getty).pdf
/biz/ general
2399 280285 280301
So, to address the fact that the lockdown/pandemic/seizure-of-power/whateveryouwanttocallit has shown how fragile everything is, let's start a thread dedicate towards learning how to become wealth so that people are not caught with their pants down again. After all, the world runs on money, so why not learn how to properly earn and use it?
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Yeah, I hate the skew that book places and I recommend skipping the chapter altogether as it is intellectually worthless. You can tell that it's written for the brainwashed HR managers in MNEs. The descriptions of management theory that have been developed over a hundred years are quite useful, however, and it is a reliable master's-level management textbook in that regard.
>You handle your business in Japan the way other Japanese would, and you handle your business in America the way other Americans would
This is known as polycentrism. The problem is that many international corporations pursue what is called geocentrism, which is having a one-size-fits-all (a.k.a. globalist) attitude towards business in every country. Ethnocentrism as described in the book isn't quite the same as how I would describe ethnocentrism: to me, it's looking after your own people first, but the implication of the book is that it's refusing to adapt your behavior to fit different cultural environments.
"Diversity" is a corporate buzzword that, despite all its claims, does not evidently provide benefits to institutions. Studies indicate that cultures which are very homogeneous or very heterogeneous (which is how I would describe old 4Chan) outperform those which have some heterogeneity. It's common sense that people of similar culture group up and form rivalries with other groups, yet for some reason a study was needed to prove this. Time and time again it's revealed that diversity isn't all it's cracked up to be yet it's glorified as a religion.
Money's tricks.
>Robert Kiyosaki 2019 - The Speech That Broke The Internet!!!
>that's right, rich people says "keep them poor". They want you down.
>What schools don't teach
Sell High, Buy Low.
Problems, and the Solutions to them is what makes people throw money at you.
Money is just the means of converting Solutions to other Solutions.
Since everything is people all the way down, so is money.
The Richest Man In Babylon (George S. Clason).pdf
Think And Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill, 1937).pdf
Here are a couple of the biggest classics.
horsie is mad at you.png
Does anyone itt know what to do about being denied everywhere for a simple fucking checking account with a bank? I am ready to honestly do a domestic terrorism. all I want to do is imporve myself and build a company, I have been refused by every small bank and I dont have the money for a crazy deposit at a hot shot bank.

I hope someone replies soon because I honestly am so mad and while I am white I tend to want to freak out and break shit when I get fucked this bad for no fucking reason.

Get It Off Your Chest
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>Nazi Horsefucker Edition
Vent frustrations and life issues that don't deserve their own thread here.
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I hope you got it out of your system. Until this thread is moved to /sp/ it is clearly not a shitposting thread
How did you break free from that shit? These days it seems like those that become indoctrinated are completely hopeless. Is there anything that can be done to help other people that are trapped in the situation you were in?
It's a matter of snapping mentally and completely. I honestly have no idea how I did it.
Perhaps if you will, describe what about you mentally and completely snapped? This seems to be at the crux of the equation. In my case (with the gays and their info campaign) I quickly lost interest and stopped responding. Your experience could shed more light. In what way did you snap?
Imagine everything in your room becoming dark, going completely schizo and then screaming at the top of your lungs while you seek out to destroy everything in your path, you break a bunch of shit before your brain snaps and you see in your mind what has been causing it this whole time as if it was something of pure darkness and you kill said thing as if the darkness you fight is inside you. Then you look around and snap back to reality as you stand above a knocked over monitor and broken shards of glass and plates. And you go to lay down and you stare at the ceiling. And your next goal is to put your life back together.
Found it https://ifapray.org/blog/first-non-binary-person-admits-it-was-a-sham-back-to-being-a-man/
That site's CSS is cancer, it won't even let me zoom out.

If you could turn back time...
If you could redo your whole life from day 1, but you couldn't cause any major changes to the world's timeline (So no preventing 9/11 or warning boomers how bad it'll get) but the choices you make in your new life can change your own timeline however you want (so you can learn new languages earlier/exercise more/watch less reality tv or watch different movies/etc) what would you change?

Hard Mode: The changes must be things child-you could realistically accomplish at that point in history.

Pic unrelated, a pic of Twilight casting a time spell would be too cliche
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Read more, do more hands on projects, and get into math and science earlier in life.
This isn't really /ub/ related, but if any of you are still young you can learn from the mistakes us older fags made.
sometimes to blend in, newfags will scream "GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO ALWAYS AVOID SAYING US NO MATTER WHAT"
Shut up Nigel

3D Printer?
What 3D printer would be great for a man in the UK to get himself? I swear I'll only use this to make useful stuff and stupid funny stuff and never misuse it. The world of 3d printing is so vast and creative that buying one seems like a good investment.

Pics unrelated.
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3251 3258
Sweet. How do I get started and where do I begin? Should I make Twilight Sparkle first or something simpler like a D20 20 sided dice?
You can think for yourself, cant you?
Yes but I'm talking to experts here who know way more about this than a beginner like me.
And as a beginner should you really be worried about making a twilight sparkle? Do you even have a 3d printer? First things forst.
I don't have a 3d printer yet because I'm a complete newbie who's still not sure which one to buy. I expected there to be a handful of 3d printers out there but turns out there are shitloads of 3d printers out there.
You can print a twilight. It isn't particularly difficult. There is a bit of a learning curve in the beginning. If you get an ender 3 or anet A8 you will need to look up videos on leveling the platform. For getting prints to adhere to the platform I advise using painter's tape and a glue stick. For your slicing software I advise using cura as it has premade settings for most common 3d printers and if you are going to make a twilight the you are going to want to use support structures. Get your printing skills down then go on to resin casting or injection molding. I would advise resin casting first simply because it is a much easier process and doesn't require any machinery. Resin casting simply requires a blank, silicone to make the mold, and resin.

Resolutions for 2020 and beyond
Happy New Year /ub/. We all know New Years' resolutions are a popular way that people try to effect positive changes in their life. This board is all about that, so tell me, what are your resolutions for 2020 and beyond? It is even the start of a new decade (depending on who you ask), so all the more reason to view today as the start of a new chapter in your life.

Here are mine:
>NoFap 2020
My best streak last year was 29 days and it was doing me a great good. At the very least I need to go 90 days this time around.
>Limit internet usage
I have blocked most time-wasting websites for most hours of the day. That includes 4chan, after all nothing useful happens there anymore.
>No background music when working at the computer
It's either distracting or I don't notice it's there, so why even bother? I can focus better in silence anyway.
>Read more
Despite taking the redpill I have yet to read any of the suggested literature to form an intellectual foundation. Three days a week, one hour a day, should be easy right?
>Go to church
I am not religious by nature but it seems like the best time to find a family-oriented young woman would be Sundays.

I think that to increase the odds of success you should make multiple resolutions and make effort on all of them. Hopefully at least one will stick. I was able to keep one resolution from 2019 (lifting) which has already improved my life significantly. So let's hear them, /ub/.
2069 3256
Mine are:

Get over myself and cut my losses when it comes to something I should have given up long ago
Possibly find a non-cucked Christian forum where I can meet Christian friends since I need more of them and the only Church around here is cucked
Limit time spent playing video games and wasting time in general
Finish my FUCKING indie game.
More important than people want to admit.
OP checking in on myself because it's Feb 29 so fuck it why not.

>NoFap 2020
Failed this one but have three 14+ day streaks. Still aiming for a 90 day streak.
>Limit internet usage
Not too bad, will consider this successful so far. Though I still need to work on filling the time gained with other useful pursuits.
>No background music
Shit, my headphones are on right now. That's an F.
>Read more
Legitimately forgot about this one. No excuse there.
>Go to church
Okay so far. Doing it, it's not bad, not great either. Will continue for now.

Two out of five, as far as resolutions go, pretty decent. Going to try to continue the acutely failed resolutions, still good for self-improvement.
Might as well bump this for 2021 instead of making a new thread.
Resolutions are as follows:
>nofap year 2021 - gonna make it this year for sure
>work out every day - workout to be defined as either a strength circuit + short cardio, or just a long cardio session
>do not buy food from fast food restaurants or convenience stores - it's too easy to blow ridiculous amounts of money on junk food
>work on some non-pony writefag project in some capacity for at least one hour per day - it's time to stop daydreaming about stories and start fucking writing them down
how I did for 2020
good progress, rarely if ever nutted more than once a month and never in november and never to anything degenerate
good, stopped watching random youtube vids and checking notifications and browsing aimlessly, only used tech with a purpose in mind.
at this point it's hard to believe I ever had a beer gut. no pecs yet but I have achieved toned stomach. Can tense the muscles and get punched in the gut without injury. I eat so healthily, fatties I know offer to buy me unhealthy shit whenever they feel jealous. feels good man.
achieved, the only woman I talk to is a tulpa horse waifu and all others can go fuck themselves
>Get over myself and cut my losses when it comes to something I should have given up long ago
done. I should elaborate on that but it's a big hint to my IRL identity so I can't
>Possibly find a non-cucked Christian forum where I can meet Christian friends since I need more of them and the only Church around here is cucked
it's like searching for hay in a needlestack except you don't get long to search in each needlestack before the Jews in charge realize you're more christian than they'd like. People I talked to in private messages would report me to jewerators! given up on that, if trad qt christian waifus and based christian bros still exist they don't use those big sites. X for this.
>Limit time spent playing video games and wasting time in general
>Finish my FUCKING indie game
lol I miss when I was new enough to indie development to think this could be done in under a year. If everything goes according to schedule it should be done by 2021's christmas or sooner but don't take that as an official promise, problems have a way of popping up out of nowhere so it could take longer.

no more sex or porn of any kind. Not even big tiddy fanservice animes. Nofap felt great but I need to see if those "Semen retention makes you ascend!"fags were right. If it gets any better than this, I can't fucking wait!
>daily exercise
I will improve my body. Time to get on the protein shakes and buy heavier weights.
Edgily thinking thoughts like "I am too weak! This is foolishness! If I cannot lift this much by this year I am nothing!" to myself won't help me. Must stay focused and and motivated to improve gradually and positive. I want to be like the sun; large and mighty and warm.
>finish one good book every week
my "to read" list is getting short but it's being done
>ALWAYS HEALTHY ALL THE TIME except on my birthday and christmas
I will never touch jew-manufactured poison again. Organic meat, veg, and other healthy shit like that only.
it's important
IT IS WITHIN MY GRASP but don't ask me about it because I need to stop talking about how great stuff might be if it ever gets done and start getting that shit done so people can see for themselves how great it is.
How do you deal with the fear of missing out on what strange new soft drinks taste like, when trying to be healthy and cut those out of your life?

Post good books, I need to read more
1175 1179 1327 1329 1387
Any good books, I'm a poorfag and a complete fucking novice to the world of english books.

Pic unrelated, I didn't want to post porn when I'm on day 22 of nofap.
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It's hard to believe that Howard wrote those stories for one and a half cents a word for magazines printed on the cheapest, roughest pulp paper, which used his stories as spacers between ads for magnetic hernia cure trusses, isn't it?

Howard died very young, too. He was only thirty years old when he blew his brains out in a fit of melancholy over the death of a relative.
Finally read Don Quixote.
Good shit! Can't think of anything smart to say about this book.
How has your reading gone, lads?
Have you read Mein Kampf? There was a thread about reading it, where we read 10 pages a day, and someone picked out the important parts and commented on them. It was sad to see it die after 100 pages or so.
Anyway so file related is The Lightning and the Sun by Savitri Devi. It's an important book if you're interested in esoteric hitlerism, and the hindu view of Hitler.
Glad I found this thread, I was thinking of making one like it.

I've been meaning to read that. If I'm not mistaken it's a meditation on honor?

I read Infinite Jest a few months ago, the first of the "meme trilogy" of 4/lit/, and I wasn't disappointed. It's generally seen as a refutation of postmodern irony. Just get ready for a long haul, it's around 1100 pages of what's mostly rambling, and lots of it isn't what it seems.
I read MK years ago but I'll add this to my "to read" list.
I thought DQ was meant as a "fuck you" to ancient stories of honourable errant knights.
I've actually heard that too, now that you mention it. From InfoGalactic:
>When first published, Don Quixote was usually interpreted as a comic novel. After the French Revolution it was popular for its central ethic that individuals can be right while society is quite wrong and seen as disenchanting. In the 19th century it was seen as a social commentary, but no one could easily tell "whose side Cervantes was on". Many critics came to view the work as a tragedy in which Don Quixote's idealism and nobility are viewed by the post-chivalric world as insane, and are defeated and rendered useless by common reality.
All to add to the mystery of it, I guess. Definitely going on the backlog, with priority. There must be something to it if the amount of translations to come out of it are only superseded by the Good Book.

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